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Who Can Be A Member of WAWA?
Any woman, organization, network or federation of women interested in empowering women in Africa, the citizens of ECOWAS, educated or not committed to taking part in the struggle for equity and gender equality in West Africa can be a member of WAWA.

For the sustainability of the organization’s action, the West African Youth Association (WAWA) was launched in July 2009 to prepare young people especially women to exercise leadership on issues facing African youth and later took over the activisms that triggered women’s emancipation in Africa through the development and professionalization of women’s association as WAWA parent organization of WAYA.

How to Join AFAO-WAWA Network:

Membership subscription is categorized into 4 groups as follows:

  • Student Members – N1,0000
  • Standard/ Individual  Members – N20.000
  • Institutional Members – N20,000
  • Organizational Members – N30,000

Payment should be made into account name – “the West African Women Association”, Account Number – 3293030024365 First Bank of Nigeria Plc; 1/5 Odunlami Street, Lagos Marina, Nigeria.




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